Our Team

Here at Lannock Mannor we have a small friendly, highly motivated, dynamic and focused team.

All our staff are passionate about supporting and assisting residents to achieve their optimum level 

of independence.

Alan McCormack


Alan is a registered nurse of learning difficulties (R.N.L.D) who began his career at Leavesden Hospital in 1976.

Early on in his career, He was qualified in severe and challenging behaviours for working with adolescents and young children.

His skills were further enhanced when going to work as an Elderly Mentally infirm nurse in Wales.

Alan has also served as a Forensic Psychiatric Nurse, night coordinator and a community psychiatric nurse (C.P.N.)

He also spent time in roles as a team leader and a manager for early onset dementia settings within Buckinghmashire.

Omotunde Fakuole 


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